I was commissioned by my friend Erika to create a backsplash piece to be placed on the wall behind her kitchen stove. It’s a large piece I call “Lines” (you can see more of them in my "Landscapes – Lines" gallery).  It’s mounted on a black board, and I used Velcro to attach it to the wall.  In the first photo you see us positioning it, the second photo shows how it appears, and in the third, Erika and I are enjoying the completed commission.

I’ve attended several of Sara Swink’s workshops, which are held in her studio in West Linn, Oregon. I’m learning so much from her and enjoying the new look of Cone 5 firing and glazing.  In the photos you see my busy work place and the collage I created.
In Sara’s words it’s a "concentrated exploration of vocabulary and style using simple exercises in collage, doodling and clay. Learn a methodology for mining the riches of the unconscious for image vocabulary and artistic style. This is an opportunity for in-depth exploration of your own personal image vocabulary and style by inviting images from the unconscious and expressing them in clay. Utilizing accessible methods such as collage and doodling, we entice imagery to the surface.”


Want more info? Contact Sara at saraswink.com or 503-638-9890.  


Backsplash Installation

Sara Swink's Ceramic Workshop

Adrian Arleo workshop June 2014

In June, Adrian Arleo, a well-known ceramic sculptor, gave a 5-day workshop in Eugene, OR.  She taught us how to use coils to build a large figure.  I started with the bottom of the figure and worked my way up to the neck.  It was a fascinating and inspiring process and really pushed me to learn new techniques. The piece ended up weighing more than 40 lbs and is about 19 inches tall.

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Ginny Gibson

Sara Sink's Clay Workshop. Ginny Gibson creating art!